30 years MBV AG, a movie for its birthday

MBV AG celebrates its 30th anniversary!

von links: Hans Zingre, PoB; Ronny Zingre, CEO; Andy Zingre, Sales Manager
MBV AG was founded in 1985. In the first years they conducted trade with products for the chemical, food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. After some time MBV AG developed air samplers for the determination of the microbial contamination in the air. The instruments are used to sample areas where microorganisms may affect the quality of the final products. Our main clients are from the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Microorganisms present in pharmaceutical products for intravenous purpose to humans or animals could have fatal consequences. In such production areas, air monitoring is mandatory by law.

In 1996, the first MAS-100® air sampler was developed and introduced on the market. The close collaboration with Merck, Darmstadt, helped to introduce the MAS-100® air samplers on a worldwide base. In a few years the instrument became the market leader.

Due to the increasing demand and changing customer needs two new air sampler where introduced in 1999. A system named MAS-100 Iso® was presented for the installation in isolators and clean rooms (closed or semi closed aseptic filling lines or production rooms).

A second portable air sampler called MAS-100 Eco® was developed specifically for the food and beverage industry.

There is almost no pharmaceutical industry that does not use one of our MAS-100® air samplers worldwide. Other companies like Coca-Cola or Nestlé are among our satisfied customers.

The instruments have continuously been improved and adapted to customer needs. In the meantime our product portfolio counts seven different air samplers.MBV AG is located near Zurich. At this place you will find the following departments: research, new product development, marketing and sales as well as the global service centre. The production and assembly of the instruments are made in our sister company, Femron AG near Schaffhausen. Both companies are part of the HZ Holding AG.

The holding company is owned by the Zingre family. The elder son, Ronny Zingre directs the MBV AG in the function of CEO since 2013, and Andy Zingre, the younger son works as a sales manager in marketing and sales. The Femron AG is headed by Norbert Schorpp. At present, about 40 people are employed in both companies.

Our Goal: We provide our customers with high innovative and superior products and services. In the field of microbiology and bioanalysis, especially in the microbiological monitoring of air, we are the world leading manufacturer.