MAS‑100 VF®

Volume flow measurement

The portable MAS‑100 VF® is designed to efficiently monitor air microbiology in cleanrooms and other controlled environments in which microbiological contamination has a direct impact on product quality, shelf life and deterioration. Like all other MAS air samplers, the MAS‑100 VF® is based on the Andersen impaction principle. It offers the same recovery rate as the MAS‑100 NT® model, but is much lighter and can be configured and programmed using standard browsers. It uses standard 90 to 100 mm Petri dishes and boasts ease of use, a compact, handy design and an attractive price.

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  • Automatic calibration function with certificate
  • Operation with 90 to 100 mm Petri dishes
  • EasyClean plate holder
  • GAMP 5/ISO 14698-1, 14698-2, 14644-1 (Class 5)
  • Compact design, low weight, handy
  • Isokinetic air sampling without turbulence with laminar airflow of 0.45 m/s
  • Easy to use with gloves on
  • Large type on the display


  • Airflow 100 standard litres per minute
  • Airflow reproducibility ±4%
  • D50 value 1.1 µm
  • Rechargeable battery with approx. 5 hours of life
  • Housing can be cleaned with conventional disinfectants
  • Interchangeable, autoclavable sampling lid
  • USB interface for computer (for browser-based device configuration)
  • Can be used with 300 × 0.6 and 400 × 0.7 perforated lids
  • Height 17.9 cm, diameter 10.9 cm, weight approx. 1.9 kg with sampling head


  • Five pre-programmed volumes, individually adjustable between 1 and 2,000 litres
  • Dialogue-based menu operation
  • Real-time clock with date and calibration reminder