Be­cause each and every de­tail counts.

Whether calibration device, standardised Petri dish container or tubing adapter, the perfectly fitting, tried-and-tested accessories complete our products and ensure seamless processes in each of your working steps.

DA-100 NT

Air volume testing device

Specially developed for calibrating MAS-100® systems, the DA-100 NT digital anemometer measures the airflow of MAS-100® systems (except MAS‑100 CG Ex®) with outstanding accuracy and displays the air volume or mass flow as well as the pressure and temperature. Fully automatic adjustment and calibration, including issue of a calibration certificate, is possible with most MAS-100 instruments. The DA-100 NT comes with the calibration certificate of an official, ISO 17025-accredited calibration laboratory or, on request, with a factory certificate.


  • Volume and mass flow measurement
  • Pressure and temperature display
  • RS-232 interface for automatic calibration cycle
  • Exceptional accuracy
  • Battery operation
  • Calibration certificate


  • Reproducibility at 100 litres/min.: ±1%
  • Temperature sensor: accuracy ±0.4 °C, resolution 0.1 °C
  • Pressure sensor: accuracy ±5 mbar, resolution 1 mbar
  • Operating temperature 0–40 °C
  • Height 7.6 cm, diameter 11 cm, weight approx. 0.9 kg


  • Single-button operation
  • Display: volume in litres/min or mass/min.
  • Temperature in °C
  • Speed in m/sec.
  • Pressure in mbar


Petri dish dispenser

While handling Petri dishes and contact plates is part of the daily routine and does not represent a challenge for trained staff, they often need to be transported to the sampling location and from there to the incubator. The PSD‑10 container has been specially developed for the storage and transport of dishes and RODAC plates (using a special adapter). By preventing the dish lid from falling off, it protects the environment from dangerous germs and the dishes from secondary contamination. The Petri dishes remain inside the PSD‑10 container during incubation, which further increases protection when handling the dishes inside the incubator.


  • Stackable
  • Interchangeable clips in several colours for various growth media or sampling locations
  • Absolute protection of valuable samples during transport
  • For Petri dishes and RODAC plates
  • Autoclavable (as a stack of at least three segments)


  • Material: polypropylene
  • Temperature resistance: 121 °C for 15 minutes (slight shrinkage during the first heat treatment)
  • Length 10.3 cm, width 10 cm, height 2.1 cm, weight approx. 38 g (one PSD‑10 segment)

Per­for­ated lid

Additional sampling lid

The precision, robustness and material characteristics of the perforated lid have a key impact on the recovery rate and the long-term stability of the measurement results, which is why perforation uniformity, a perfectly fitting instrument lid and simple handling of the sampling lid even when wearing gloves are of the utmost importance to us. The lids can be exchanged between different instruments without a problem, meaning you can use a device with one lid while a spare lid is undergoing autoclaving. Our selection comprises special stainless steel lids for integrated devices as well as lids which enable long-term comparison of measurement data with the very first MAS-100 models.

Anodised aluminium (300 x 0.6) show

  • Standard lid for MAS-100 NT, MAS-100 NT Ex and MAS-100 VF
  • D50 = 1.1 µm
  • Available with optional edge protection

Anodised aluminium (400 x 0.7) show

  • Standard lid for MAS-100 Eco and MAS-100
  • Legacy lid for MAS-100 NT, MAS-100 NT Ex and MAS-100 VF
  • D50 = 1.6 µm
  • Available with optional edge protection

Stainless steel (300 x 0.6) show

  • Standard lid for MAS-100 Iso NT and MAS-100 Iso MH
  • D50 =1.1 µm
  • With series number
  • With edge protection

Stainless steel (400 x 0.7) show

  • Legacy lid for MAS-100 Iso, MAS-100 Iso NT and MAS-100 Iso MH
  • D50 = 1.6 µm
  • With series number
  • With edge protection

Tu­bing ad­apter

Our tubing adapter made from anodised aluminium is compatible with all perforated lids and enables air sampling at sampling locations which are difficult to reach. Its geometric design enables our MAS-100 models to carry out isokinetic sampling.

Trans­port case

All our portable instruments including the DA-100 NT come in a practical transport case which protects the device from damage and dirt and offers space to hold instructions and certificates as well as power adapter, connecting cable and dust cover.

Dust cov­ers

Dust covers protect the perforated disc from damage and dirt. All portable instruments come with a dust cover made from anodised aluminium. An optional stainless steel dust cover is available for our integrated devices.