FAQ MAS-100® /NT

What if there is no imprint of the hole pattern visible on the agar plate?

The hole pattern is caused by water in the agrar vaporizing. The newer the petri dish, the stronger appears the imprint. Older petri dishes can show up to no imprints.

Would one find remaining particles and germs on a new agar used in a class A clean room, if prior to this a sample was taken from a class D clean room without first sterilizing the air sampler?

A transfer of germs from the D-zone onto the new petri dish, meant for the 2nd measurement in the A-Zone, is theoretically speaking possible since there is a « remainder » of approximately 500ml trapped in the sampling head as the first sample completes. This trapped air will inevitably land on the new petri dish meant for the 2nd measurement in the A-zone. 500ml amount to 0.05% of the total collecting volume of 1000 Liters that is to be gathered in the A-zone. Given a limiting value of 200 germs permissable in the D-zone this would amount to 0.1 germs. This 0.1 germs will not be found on the petri dish because it will be blown out from the bottom of the sampling head. If this leaves some sceptism, there is still the possiblity of placing the air sampler in a laminar flow for a given time to blow out the remainder of to prevent a contamination. Thereafter we advise to transport the air sampler to the A-zone in a sterile bag. Basically it is not good practice (or we do not recommend) to switch zones in the matter that you have described above from a less sterile to a more sterile envirnment without first decontaminating the equiptment.

Does an battery change on a MAS-100 has an affect on the calibration data stored on the instrument?

The calibration- and some configuration data is stored in the RTC chip. The chip is powered by a separate RTC clock battery when the main batteries are replaced.
The RTC clock chip can be powered from the main batteries and / or the external power supply (charger).
If the RTC clock battery is discharged (although it can work about 7 - 10 years) and the main batteries are removed, the device loses the calibration and configuration data.
To prevent data loss, the charger should be plugged in before the batteries are replaced.
After inserting the new batteries (and charge them), the charger can be disconnected safely.

The mass flow of the MAS-100 instruments is calibrated. But how do you ensure the time during which the measurement is taken is correct?

Time measurement is so accurate that a check is not mandatory. If you check the sampling time on a 1000L measurement by yourself with a stop watch it will take 10 minutes. A 2.5% deviation of 600 seconds would be 15 seconds and therefore easily identifiable.


Can I remove the MBV warranty sticker so that I can open up the instrument to check? Will the removal of the warranty seal affects the instrument warranty?

Breaking the seal will void the warranty regardless if it was broken by a service center or an end customer.

MBV may accept warranty claims with broken seals (for known issues) but these cases are decided by MBV on a case by case bases and are the sole decision of MBV.


Will I be qualified to provide a calibration training certificate for a local service engineer based on my training at MBV last year?

Official Trainings and Training Certificate can only be issued by MBV. But if you want to involve your service engineers you can act as a supervisor:

you show them what they need to do and check their work / results. If everything is good you sign with a second signature and add your training certificate to the documentation package


What is the K3 and the K5 value for?

The K3 value is a single reference point to adjust the Mass Flow sensor in the MAS-100 / MAS-100 ISO.

Calibration of the MAS-100™ (with a 400 x 0,7mm sampling head) flow rate involves adjustment of a single reference point, the K3 value. Following the calibration, a load adjustment is made to the fan motor, this is the K5 setting. The MAS-100 with firmware V2.6x and above allow for both the K3 and K5 value adjustments.

The K5 adjustment optimizes the voltage delivered to the motor, so that the MAS-100 maintains consistent flow rates with a flow restriction. A flow restriction is created to produce a load on the motor that far exceeds normal operating conditions.

Does the K5 value affect the K3 value?

The air flow adjustments made to the K5 setting do not affect the K3 calibration or the performance of the MAS- 100 under normal operating conditions (Sampling Mode). The flow rate measurement made during the K5 adjustment is not a direct indication of the performance of the mass flow sensor in the MAS-100. Therefore an MAS-100 should not be classified as out of tolerance if the SLPM measured in the K5 portion of the calibration protocol exceeds the optimum range previously specified.

Do I need to calibrate the K5 value?

Following the calibration, a load adjustment is made to the fan motor, this is the K5 setting. This setting was necessary to compare the old readings on the MAS-100 C with the new resistance free anemometer. It is not needed anymore for the adjustment / calibration with a DA-100 /NT. Therefor it can be set to 0 at systems with a sampling head of 400 x 0.7 and it must be set to 0 at systems using a sampling head of 300 x 0.6, otherwise the fan would be loaded to high. MBV recommends to set the K5 value at all systems to 0.

Where are the K3 and K5 values in the NT systems?

There are no K3 and K5 settings in the NT systems. The most similar value is the PWM value. This sets the rotation speed of the fan motor.

What is the difference between the sampling head 400x0.7 and 300x0.6?

The impaction speed of the 400x0.7 sampling head is approx. 11m/s and with the 300x0.6 it is approx. 20m/s. Tests showed that with the 300x0.6 had been found more cfu counts than with the 400x0.7.

Is it possible to sterilize the MAS-100?

The perforated sampling lid may be sterilized 20 Minutes at 121.

How do I clean the inside of the sampling head?

The inside of the sampling head may be cleaned under a laminar flow bench by spraying some alcohol on top of the perforated lid and leave the instrument running for about 5 minutes (500 Liters).

Is it possible to use disinfectant solution ?

We do not recommend the use of disinfectant because they may leave residues after application. Some of them will have oxidizing agents which may interfere with the integrated anemometer.

Is it possible to update the software MAS-100 V 2.41 to V 2.6x?

Yes. Ask your local distributor. Please note: After update your MAS-100 must be calibrated!

What is the advantage to put volumes to zero (only SW V 2.6 and SW 3.x)

Volumes set to zero will not be displayed anymore on display. In pharmaceutical companies the tested volume must always be 1000 Liters. If the other preprogrammed volumes are set to zero only 1000 Liter can be selected. No error in selecting volume is possible!

Is it possible to reactivate volumes which are set to zero?

Any time. You set a zero volume to an other value and it will be selectable again in the standard menu.

Is it possible to upgrade MAS-100 for data communication?

MAS-100 may be upgraded for data communication starting with Serial No. 66161. Ask your local distributor for more information.

May I use the MAS-100 portable MAS-100 in an Isolator?

Portable instruments in general are not recommended to be used in Isolators. MAS-100ISO is especially designed to be used in isolators and clean rooms!

Does the MAS-100 comply with the DIN EN ISO 14698-1 Norms?

All MAS-100 instrument types comply with the: Biocontamination Control ISO/DIN 14698-1: Report - it is an impaction air sampler, - the impaction speed is > 20 m/s, - the isokinetic sampling speed is 045 m/s.

Does the MAS-100 produce particles?

The MAS-100 has been tested with a particle counter type CLIMET CI-500: Result : >0,3µ:4 per cft / >0,5µ:2 per cft

What is the advantage to update the MAS-100 from Software V 2.41 to V 2.60?

- range calibration with DA-100 Anemometer possible = quicker and more accurate - for calibration it is not necessary any more to open MA-100 = easier handling - Delay function may be set on or off = easy to use - 5 volumes individually programmable = customer friendly - volumes set to zero will not be displayed= volume selection errors excluded - calibration reminder 0-12 month = convenience and security

Is it possible to calibrate MAS-100 ?

Yes. The MAS-100 may by calibrated with the MAS-100C Calibration Unit or with the new DA-100 Anemometer. The MAS-100 is delivered with a calibration certificate.

How often do I have to calibrate the MAS-100?

We recommend to calibrate the MAS-100 once a year.

Are the perforated sampling heads interchangeable after calibration ?

Yes. Since the MAS-100 has a built in anemometer the change of the perforated sampling head will not modify the calibration parameters.

What is an Anemometer?

The Anemometer is a device which measures the flow of a gas.

Does the Anemometer compensate for pressure and temperature variation?

Yes. The anemometer which is built in to the MAS-100 will compensate for pressure and temperature variation.

What is a calibration reminder?

The calibration reminder is a soft ware function in the new MAS-100 air samplers which can be set after calibration between 0 and 12 month. After the set time has elapsed the display will show the message "calibration time expired, please calibrate unit" If calibration time is set to zero the rem9inder function is set off.

"calibration expired" is displayed! Is it possible to continue working before recalibration?

Yes. Just continue pressing yes or no. The date of last calibration will be displayed and the the menu continues as usual.

How can I stop/change the calibration reminder?

To stop the calibration reminder you have to put the value zero after the calibration step. To change the time for reminder choose between 1 and 12 month.

What is the advantage to put volumes to zero (only SW V 2.6 and SW 3.x)

Volumes set to zero will not be displayed anymore on display. In pharmaceutical companies the tested volume must always be 1000 Liters. If the other preprogrammed volumes are set to zero only 1000 Liter can be selected. No error in selecting volume is possible!

Nothing on display! What can I do?

Push yes or no button. If nothing happens charge batteries for at least 3.5 hours. If still nothing happens on display, change battery pack.

After charging the batteries still no display?

Change battery pack.

Does the MAS-100 create turbulences in laminar flow cabinets / rooms?

Convince yourself.MAS-100 NT

Is it possible to calibrate MAS-100 with Serial. NO < 75000 with new DA-100 Anemometer?

It is absolutely no problem to calibrate old MAS-100 with DA-100. Just put the DA-100 on MAS-100 measure Volume and adjust K3 according to the deviation. Remark: If would like to compare the values obtained from DA-100 and MAS-100C (Calibration Unit) there might be a difference. That's why we have a update electronic chip V 2.6x to implement in old MAS-100. We have included K5 calibration factor , delay on/off, calibration reminder 5 individual programmable volumes, and for calibration the MAS-100 has not to be opened again.