Integrated device

MAS‑100 Iso MH®

One to four sampling positions

Der MAS‑100 Iso MH® dient der mikrobiologischen The MAS‑100 Iso MH® is designed to monitor air microbiology in isolators and RABS. Like all other MAS-100 air samplers, it’s based on the Andersen impaction principle. All electronic and moving parts are located outside the critical zone, whilst up to four sampling heads for standard 90 to 100 mm Petri dishes collect samples in the containment zone. The unique double-valve protection concept keeps contaminants out of the containment zone and prevents loss of production batches. The MAS‑100 Iso MH® also has an integrated pump with flow monitoring for automatic in-line decontamination of the sampling heads and aspiration tubes. Thanks to fully automatic calibration, the device guarantees maximum efficiency and accuracy.

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  • Space-saving thanks to one to four sampling heads with just one control unit
  • Automatic calibration function with the DA-100 digital anemometer
  • Integrated mass flow sensor with temperature and air pressure compensation
  • Standard IP 65 protection
  • Sampling parameters identical to those of the MAS-100 NT guarantee comparable data
  • Exceptionally strong air pump enables integration of a protection filter
  • Three sampling programs: standard, sequential, consecutive
  • Developed in accordance with GAMP 5 and compliant with ISO 14698


  • Airflow 100 standard litres per minute
  • Airflow reproducibility ±2.5%
  • Recovery rate D50 = 1.1 µm @ 100 SLPM
  • Operation with 90 to 100 mm Petri dishes
  • Sampling head made from stainless steel EN 1.4435 (X2CrNiMo18-14-3) in accordance with BN2 (electro-polished pharmaceutical quality)
  • In-line decontamination of the sampling heads and aspiration channels
  • Length of the base unit 38 cm, width 23 cm, height 12 cm, weight approx. 7.5 kg (without sampling heads)
  • Specified tube length 10 m; longer length possible in special cases


  • Comes with computer-based configuration and calibration software
  • Integration into SCADA system or similar control systems
  • Ethernet, PROFIBUS, USB, nine digital inputs/outputs