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Non Disclosure Agreement (one way out)
Standard Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to be signed by repair and calibration service participants.

General Terms and Conditions
General conditions of sales, delivery, payment and warranty of MBV AG

Collection of Microorganims in Compressed Gases using MAS‑100 CG Ex®
Description of the validation of the MAS-100 CG Ex which collects germs in compressed gasses without damaging pressure differential according to ISO 14698-1

Microbial Air Sampler Qualification MAS-100®
Comparative studies of eight different methods yielding 1022 individual results at Novartis Pharma AG undertaken in Basel, Switzerland, between 1981 and 1998 were evaluated. They show that, if meaningful statistical analyses are performed, adherence to important testing parameters such as sampling periods, culture media used, and placement of the devices, six of the eight methods examined yielded comparable cfu levels.

A comparative study of two different microbial air momitoring methods: Conventional and Sequential Sampling (SQS)
The study compares the conventional air sampling (single aspiration and impaction of air) with the sequentiel sampling (sample volume split into several fractions spread over a longer time period). Additionally drying exeriments on Petri dishes were carried out to exclude the influence of subobtimal media on colony growth. The authors came to the conclusions that: The advantages of sequential air sampling are: - The use of less Petri dishes- The possibility to monitor air over a longer observation period and in the absence of human presence (technician)- the possibility to avoid atypical environmental influences caused by the coming andgoing of an operator whose presence is unavoidable in the conventional operatingmode.

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
ISO 9001: 2015 - The recertification audit was performed on January 25. 2017 by SwissTS and will be valid until February2nd 2020

Feller Table 300x0.6_MBV.pdf
The Feller table corrects for the probability that more than one cultivable unit enters through one hole in the perforated lid but only leads to one cfu.

Feller Table 400x0.7_MBV.pdf
The Feller table corrects for the probability that more than one cultivable unit enters through one hole in the perforated lid but only leads to one cfu.

Form to register instruments for calibration or service
If you plan to send an instrument for service or calibration please download and fill the form and send it together with the instrument to the address provided in the form.

Safety certificate
To ensure the safety and health of MBV personnel, our customers are kindly asked to complete the Safety Certificate and sign it by a qualified person before shipping an article by any means to MBV or prior to any on-site service to be performed by MBV

Service and calibration trainings for MAS-100 microbial air samplers
Dates and content of Service- and Calibration trainings including registration form.